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Types of Debt Consolidation 

Q. How can Debt Consolidation help? If you're Drowning in credit card debt * Living paycheck to paycheck * Falling behind in your payments * Borrowing from one card to pay another * Being harassed by your creditors!

Q. What is Debt Consolidation? A restructuring of current debt, under which new terms are negotiated, whereby in most cases payments are lowered and interest rates are reduced or possibly eliminated.

Q. Are there different types of Debt Consolidation?
Yes. There are two basic types:

  • Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Debt Management Plan or Debt Restructuring Program

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    Q. What is a Debt Consolidation Loan? A Debt Consolidation Loan is used to combine all your existing consumer debt or credit card debt into a single loan and one monthly payment. The advantage of this type of debt loan is that you can consolidate your high interest credit cards, auto loan and/or student loan debt, into one single lower monthly payment. It allows you pay off bills and stop creditors from calling. It also allows you to obtain extra cash for personal needs.

    This type of consolidation is done by way of a Home Equity or Refinance Loan, therefore, a home is required as collateral.

    Q. What is a Debt Management Plan? A Debt Management Plan is not a LOAN. With a Debt Settlement Program we negotiate on your behalf to actually reduce the amount you pay to your creditors. You send us one payment each month. We then share out this payment between your creditors and pay them a pre- negotiated amount. Your creditors are satisfied that you are trying to straighten out your debts and that they are receiving a regular amount every month.

    The benefit to you is that you now make only one payment each month at an amount that you can afford, and you are no longer being bothered by your creditors. If you are interested in this type of financial plan, complete our easy online application. Click Here for your Free debt assessment.

    Q. Debt Consolidation Loans or Debt Management?
    We offer both programs depending on your current debt situation and personal preference. Click Here for Debt Consolidation Loans or Here for Debt Management Program.

    Q. Is there an obligation to accept your Free Quote?
    No. This is a free service we provide to our applicants. Your inquiry does not commit you in anyway.

    Q. Is bankruptcy an option?
    Unfortunately in some credit situations bankruptcy is sometimes the only option available. But bankruptcy was designed to be an option of last resort. While the objective of bankruptcy is to absolve oneself of debts altogether, it has lingering negative consequences in many areas of every day life; applying for life insurance, purchasing a business, buying a home, applying for a job, etc. can all be negatively affected by a prior bankruptcy.

    A bankruptcy claim also remains on your credit report for 7 to 10 years. With a debt management plan or debt consolidation program, you commit to repaying your debt obligations. Thus, one can repair bad credit, maintain a good credit rating and return to a debt free lifestyle quickly and without the frustrating negative consequences of bankruptcy.

    Q. What is the benefit of Consolidating my Bills?
    Your debt is consolidated, payments are lowered, and interest payments are either reduced or eliminated.

    Q. Types of Debts Eligible?
    Both our Debt Consolidation Loan program and our Debt Management Plan are eligible for the following types of debts:
    -High interest rate Credit Cards
    -Magazine/Record clubs
    -Department Store Cards
    -Tax Debt
    -Medical Bills
    -Legal bills
    -Personal loans
    -Health club memberships
    -Signature loans
    -Repossessed vehicles
    -Student loans
    -Collection Agencies
    -Bills from a previous residence (old utility bills/cable bill)

    Q. Why will my creditors settle for less than the full amount due? Last year alone 1.4 million bankruptcy claims were filed. When a debt financial plan replaces a claim for bankruptcy both you and your creditors reap a positive outcome.

    Q. What Advantages will I gain if I apply?
    -Prevent bankruptcy
    -Re-establish your credit
    -You can apply regardless of poor or bad credit
    -No need to own a home
    -Consolidate bills into one affordable monthly payment
    -Avoid late charges
    -Stop harassing phone calls from creditors
    -Free debt counseling
    -Save thousands of dollars in high interest rates
    -Lower your monthly payments up to 50%

    Q. Can I apply to both programs?
    Yes. You can apply for your no obligation quote and see which plan suits your needs best.

    Q. How Do I Get Started?
    Simply fill our easy online application with the requested information. Click and submit.

    Q. How Long Will it Take?
    You will normally receive you free quote within 24-48 hours.

    Q. How do I apply?
  • Debt Consolidation Loan


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    Benefits of Debt Consolidation


    Debt Consolidation


    Free Quote Debt Consolidation

    -Access Fast Cash
    -Consolidate debts
    -Go on vacation
    -Pay college tuition
    -Usually Tax deductible
    -5-7 days to process
    -Reduce high interest
    -Eliminate late fees
    -Stop creditor calls
    -Gain peace of mind
    -Get out of debt quicker
    -Apply Online - Click here

    How to become debt free?
    First you must stop incurring debt. You then need to find a plan that works for you based on your needs and goals to pay down your existing debt.

    Get a free no obligation quote  online. Apply online.  Let us help you find the best debt solution provider .for your situation  Free Quote