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Free information on the different types of credit cards and how to apply for a Visa or Master card with bad credit, good credit or no credit. Secured credit cards versus unsecured cards.

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Q. What is a Secured Credit Card? A secured credit card means that you must deposit money in an account to secure the credit card. The amount of the security deposit will usually equal your credit limit.

Q. Is their an advantage to a Secured Credit Card? YES. Secured credit cards allow people with less than perfect credit, poor credit or bad credit to re-establish their credit line while at the same time enjoying the benefits of owning a major credit card such as a Visa or Master card. Secure cards are an excellent way to re-establish your credit line from bad to good.

Q. Why do Secured Credit Cards require a deposit? Secured cards are given only to those individuals with less than perfect credit rating. The security deposit assures the lending institution that credit card abuse will not occur.

Q. What is an Unsecured Credit Card? An unsecured credit card does not require a security deposit. These types of credit cards are for individuals with good or excellent credit line. Some companies do offer unsecured cards for those with poor credit to help them re-establish their credit line.

Q. Where can I obtain an Unsecured Credit Card? We will find you the best rate on your next Visa or Master card. We compete with other lenders for you to find you the best interest rate possible.

Q. What is an Unsecured Credit Line? Unsecured credit lines are an excellent way to establish or re-establish your credit while you buy online merchandise. If your low on money and need access to a credit line for gift buying or holiday shopping this is one alternative to help. They offer instant online approval and no one is turned down regardless of your credit.

Q. What is a balance transfer? If you already have a credit card and you apply for a new one, you can transfer your existing balance on the previous card to the new one. Effectively, the new credit card issuer will assume the outstanding debt by paying off the credit card issuer and then billing you for it. Balance transfers are ideal when you can apply for a major credit card with a low APR, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars on high interest fees.

Q. What is an ATM / Debit Card? A debit card or ATM is not a credit card. A debit card is linked to your checking, savings or mutual fund account, and the amount of your purchases is deducted directly from that account. A debit card functions as a paperless checking account. Debit cards are sometimes confused for credit cards because many have the logos of major credit card companies and are accepted for purchases anywhere the Visa or Master card logos are displayed.

Q. What is the difference between a pre paid card and an ATM or debit card? A pre paid card is not attached to your checking account like a debit or ATM card. It is separate, in that , with a pre paid card you must load money - what ever amount you wish - onto the card.  When you go to purchase an item or service with it, the amount spent is withdrawn from your card balance (similar to a pre paid phone card).

Your personal accounts are never touched for funding purposes. When the balance needs to be reloaded - you just add what ever amount of money you need. Because of how these cards work, it is terrific for college students. Pre paid cards are an excellent way to store your money safely.


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